Transferring pupil information by PDF

It is now possible for a primary school to attach up to three PDFs of valuable information about each pupil. The primary school can mark a document as confidential, such as SEND or safeguarding information for the secondary pastoral team only, or as a more general document for wider circulation.

It is very straight forward to create a PDF. Simply open a Word document and enter the information as normal. When you have completed and saved the document, go to File, then Export and finally select Create PDF.

Remember that, as well as written text, you can add pictures taken on an iPad or tablet and insert these into the Word document. This opens a whole new range of possibilities to ensure that the secondary school receives a fuller picture of the child.

Imagine adding pictures which include:

  • the pupil’s best handwriting
  • examples of transition projects started in Y6 which the pupil will complete in Y7
  • a copy of the latest Big Write
  • their most impressive modern foreign languages activity
  • their favourite piece of artwork
  • a picture of a pupil’s personal passport.

The list can go on and on. The key point is that the new teachers in Y7 will know the exact standards achieved by the pupil. This means that when standards begin to waver, as they often do, the teacher can use these images as a benchmark when discussing progress with the pupil.

Please note that SixIntoSeven relies on partnership and planning between schools. The primary and secondary schools will need to agree on the type of information they want transferred.