The single point for transition

In a world of MIS and electronic data transfer, surely moving transition data around is easy? There is no need for “the single point of transition”. Well, maybe. Long gone are the days of fixed catchment areas which rarely crossed local authority boundaries. This is to be welcomed, as we know the very positive impact that parental choice has had over the years. However, it does cause problems as each local authority operate the transition process in a slightly different way. At the same time, each primary school has a unique way of collecting pupil information and each secondary would like it sent in a particular format. What seems like a simple process just became complicated.

This is where SixIntoSeven as the single point for transition comes into its own.

One place to record all information

Primary schools have told us that they would like to use SixIntoSeven as the single point for a transition. They want one place to upload and share information. However, not all their destination secondary schools have signed up for SixIntoSeven. This results in multiple forms to fill and processes to follow.

SixIntoSeven solves this problem. All pupil information is uploaded and transferred directly to participating schools.

The single point for transition

However, not all secondary schools subscribe to SixIntoSeven. It therefore allows primary schools to create a PDF of the pupil report. These can then be emailed to the non-SixIntoSeven secondary school. Where the information can be manually entered onto their network.

This means that SixIntoSeven can now be used to record and send information for all pupils.

Screen shot of a pupil's page illustrating the single point of transition

Remember, emailed PDFs will be outside the GDPR compliant environment provided by SixIntoSeven.

Want to find out more?

Find out more by about making SixIntoSeven the single point for transition by contacting us here.