SixIntoSeven – Testimonials

SixIntoSeven is working for schools across the UK to help facilitate conversations – one professional to another – between primary and secondary schools as part of Year 6 to Year 7 transition

Here’s what Head Teachers, Trust Leaders, Policy Setters and Primary Specialists say about using SixIntoSeven in 2020, as a rapid response to the Covid-19 pandemic:



“Our experience as a school has been very positive and we’ve found the whole system easy to use.

Primary colleagues are speaking to secondary colleagues across a range of judgements so that we, as secondary heads, have all the information that we need so that we can meet the needs of our new Year 7 when they join us in September.”

Neil Renton

Head Teacher, Harrogate grammar School, Red Kite Learning Trust


“The conversation between primary and secondary is crucial in helping children get the best start in year 7. Secondary teaching that picks up from where primary left off instils confidence. SixIntoSeven can be an important tool as part of this conversation.”

John Camp

Trust Leader, The Compass Partnership of Schools


“This year we don’t have the KS2 information that we normally rely on so SixIntoSeven is a real safety net for us. It means we won’t have to start what’s already been a very difficult year for new Year 7 pupils testing them because we already have really useful information on their progress.”

Carolyn Roberts

Head Teacher, Thomas Tallis School, Greenwich


“We know that the disadvantage gap will widen following the closure of schools in Spring 2020, and SixIntoSeven is one solution (amongst many) that schools will need to embrace to give all children the best possible opportunities given the circumstances. As much early information about a child’s learning as possible is key to the success of the child in the future.” Read more….

Tiffnie Harris

Primary Specialist, ASCL


“It’s a really good way of supporting our transition process, particularly this year as we haven’t had any KS2 end of year assessments. It’s really helping our primaries and secondary liaise together and make sure that our year 6 children moving into year 7 are provided for effectively.”

Corrine Penhale

Head Teacher, Rossett Acre Primary School, Red Kite Learning Trust


“We’re conscious that everyone’s got so much to do at the moment so it’s a relief to be able to go to our feeder primary schools and say that SixIntoSeven is really easy to use, it’s simple to fill in and it’s free for them. We’ve got spreadsheets coming out of our ears – with 35 feeder schools the volume of data is really high and there’s a lot of places mistakes could be made. To have one place for this Year 6 data that we manage and we know it’s secure and accurate is reducing our workloads and making things easier.”

Kirsty Moat

Associate Head Teacher, Harrogate Grammar School, Red Kite Learning Trust


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