SixIntoSeven – reregistering your school for 2022

It is important that you reregister your school for SixIntoSeven in 2022

Reregister your school to log into SixIntoSevenOver the last academic year, SixIntoSeven has undergone a major upgrade. New features have been added, such as the transfer of pastoral information and the default setting facility to reduce workload. To access these improvements, you must reregister your school for SixIntoSeven in 2022.

Another major change has been the way in which users sign on. Last year, colleagues had to create their own passwords. This did cause problems for many users.

This year users will log in using their school email accounts and passwords. It will greatly simplify the management of users and passwords for the school administrator. However, it does mean that all last year’s accounts have been frozen.

We understand that this will cause some additional work in the short term, but much more control for schools and easier access from then on.

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