Reduced workload in the primary schools

The screen for inputting data

Changes to SixIntoSeven have significantly reduced workload in the primary schools

All questions will have a default value. For example, a question about whether a pupil has a SEND statement will be set to “No”, as this is correct in most cases.

As part of the onboarding process, which occurs after an order has been received, we will discuss with you the default values you need, and any other options available to speed up the workflow. For example, we could change the answers to the SEND question above to Yes / No / Previously / In Progress. It might just save a moment, but a moment per child per question in a class of thirty mounts up. Your time is precious.

There is the ability to group select. For example, in the MFL diagnostic statements, there is a question on the language taught. The whole class can be assigned to, for example, Spanish, in one operation. Groups of pupils can then be selected individually, and a different language applied if necessary. The theme of reduced workload in the primary schools runs through the whole of SixIntoSeven

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