SixIntoSeven next steps

SixIntoSeven has been helping schools around the UK to communicate Year 6 to Year 7 pupil progress information in 2020 in lieu of KS2 SATs.

Over 17,000 pupil data points have been added and shared, and hundreds of schools have taken part in the project. Many schools have told us that they will repeat this process next year even if SATs are reintroduced and we’re delighted to be part of the conversation around making transition as effective as possible.

We know that children who miss out on a positive transition to secondary school can take months, if not years, to catch up and research shows that many of the worst affected are also some of the most disadvantaged. SixIntoSeven has helped primary and secondary schools to start having more contact with one another, ensuring that vital knowledge is passed between education professionals to help pupils successfully continue their learning journey.

Schools can enrol and use SixIntoSeven throughout the summer and into September so the work hasn’t stopped! Our team will be on hand to support schools to upload and use their data and would welcome any feedback you might have.

SixIntoSeven was developed in a matter of weeks in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the closure of schools so we know that the data set and the system itself can continue to be tweaked and improved. We are looking forward to running the project again next year incorporating all of your feedback and hope that you will join us!

The Open Data Project Team. 23 July 2020.