SixIntoSeven – new for 2022 for a smoother personalised transition

Over the last few months, or designers and development team have been working closely with our clients to upgrade SixIntoSeven. We have increased the scope of the information transferred and, at the same time, reduced teacher workload. This has been achieved through the use of easily configurable default settings.

SixIntoSeven now allows groups of schools to collaborate on what they want to transfer. We can now include pastoral information as well as diagnostic statements. These complement SATs by telling the Year 7 teacher precisely what a pupil can, or cannot do, in maths English and Languages. However, you as a group of schools can decide precisely what you think is needed to meet your local needs.

This means that teachers will receive consistent data. This will inform setting, group work and learning activities. Teachers will be able to provide additional support or extra challenge for groups of pupils from different primary schools.

All this will be achieved in a GDPR-compliant web-based system.

Find out more at New for 2022 – Sixintoseven