SixIntoSeven launches March 2021

We are excited to announce that SixIntoSeven 2021 will launch in March ready for schools to use when pupils start to return.

SixIntoSeven is a useful tool designed in collaboration between ASCL and school leaders to facilitate a conversation between primary and secondary schools during the Year 6 transition period. A smooth transition is key to establishing a positive foundation for children as they enter Year 7 and in these uncertain times, a consistent approach across all schools is even more vital in ensuring all pupils have access to the same opportunities.

SixIntoSeven works by requesting primary schools to make a set of 24 “Professional Judgements” about their year 6 pupils in key competencies of Maths, Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening. These judgements are not based on assessments or past SATs papers; they are the teacher’s professional judgement about whether the pupil is “secure” or “not secure” in each area. Year 6 pupils are best placed to make these judgements about the pupils, and working in this way ensures that the pupil’s overall progress is captured rather than a marker on an examination date.

The portal was built and launched in spring 2020 in response to the cancellation of SATs and over 300 schools took part in the first year. In 2021, an updated version of the portal will be available for schools across the UK to use as a key part of their transition process.

We have taken into account feedback from schools about ease of use and the way that schools must build connections, and designed a new user interface to guide users simply through the process. There’s no new technology to learn or software to install – the portal is cloud-based and for most users the process will be similar to filling in a simple spreadsheet.

Since the beginning of 2021, the Open Data Project team have been demonstrating the platform to school leaders via webinars and video calls and we have over 250 schools ready to take part as soon as the portal launches. We are also working with a number of School Improvement Services, Local Authorities and Trusts to roll out the portal across entire groups of primary and secondary schools.

Secondary schools will be able to register as soon as the portal launches, and can then begin connecting with their feeder primary schools. We recommend opening a dialogue with feeder primaries as soon as possible to explain how simple the portal is to use and how much value it will add to your Year 7 team in planning and understanding the progress of their intake in September.

Primaries will upload their information in April and May, ready for Secondaries to download in June and July. You can read more about how the platform works and register your interest here.