Countdown to SixIntoSeven Launch

SixIntoSeven is about to go live and we’ll be in touch very soon with everyone who has subscribed to our email list with a secure link to register their school.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. School Leaders register 

In the first instance the Head Teachers/Senior Leaders of each secondary school will lead the registration process and can then add key staff as system users.

If you’re part of a primary school then you can use the link that we send you to register with SixIntoSeven and then nominate one of the Secondary schools that you feed to lead on the process with you.

2. Registration process and cost

SixIntoSeven is secure and GDPR compliant so there are a few steps we will need to take to confirm that all of our users are who they say they are. We will guide you through the process and have live web chat support available to help.

To use SixIntoSeven there is a small administration fee of £125 per secondary school (no charge for primary schools) which will be payable as part of the registration process on our portal. We are very grateful to ASCL’s Educational Development Trust for funding the initial costs of building SixIntoSeven.

3. Using the system and making professional judgements 

We are adding more information to the Open Data Project website all the time including details of how schools upload and access information and how to make the professional judgments, as well as some frequently asked questions. If there’s anything else you’d like to know please contact us.

4. Spread the word 

This is a great time to let your contacts at other schools know that you will be using SixIntoSeven. We are independent from government and will need your support to invite all secondary heads in your local authority or region to join the initiative to create a critical mass.

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