SixIntoSeven for Year 6 transition in 2021

SixIntoSeven is back for 2021!

With the news this week that KS2 SATs are cancelled in 2021, schools will be once again forced to manage the communication of pupil progress as part of Year 6 to Year 7 transition without any formal, standardised processes.

The Open Data Project for Schools is pleased to announce that we will be again running our SixIntoSeven initiative, in conjunction with Education Tech provider askEddi. Starting in early spring 2021, schools across the UK will be able to use our simple platform to support their Year 6 to Year 7 transition process.

In 2020 we helped over 200 schools across the UK to securely communicate pupil progress information between primary and secondary settings in the absence of SATs. In 2021 we will again support schools with transition.

Year 6 teachers will make professional judgements on their individual pupils’ progress in Speaking &Listening, Reading, Writing and Maths based on their understanding of whether they are “secure” or “not secure”.  This information will be securely sent to the destination secondary school to ensure they have the best possible start in Year 7.

How it works:

  • Primaries securely upload a list of their Year 6 cohort.
  • Year 6 teachers assess each pupil based on their professional knowledge of the child’s progress – completing the process once regardless of the number of secondaries they feed.
  • Secondaries securely upload a list of the Year 7 pupils they are expecting.
  • SixIntoSeven matches the data and provides secondaries with a downloadable report of their new Year 7 cohort to be used for planning.

Through the Open Data Project for Schools we are engaging with schools leaders in a wider discussion about transition and how schools can best support the child’s learning journey when much time has already been lost.

Register your interest in SixIntoSeven now to be the first to hear when we launch the 2021 transition platform.