Adding groups of schools


Adding groups of schools onto SixIntoSeven is straightforward. We work with local authorities, MATs and local clusters to configure SixIntoSeven to meet their local transition needs.

This is not a complex operation. SixIntoSeven is easily adapted to accommodate local practices. The current methods of data transfer are examined to understand their advantages and challenges.

We can then suggest improvements to the process. This is based on our experience of working with other schools, MATs, alliances and local authorities. New categories of questions can be added or the way an existing question is answered is changed. For example, some groups might want a comment on all EBacc subjects.

Adding groups of schools requires partnership. We provide PowerPoint presentations you can download to help establish an agreed consensus.

Find out more about how SixIntoSeven can be configured to meet your needs by contacting us here

How SixIntoSeven can easily be configured by adding or removing question