School transition 2022

SixIntoSeven is now live to offer a personalised school transition for summer 2022.

We are delighted to announce that SixIntoSeven is now live for summer 2022. We would like to express our thanks to our development team for all their efforts in getting to this stage, and to colleagues in schools, local authorities, and MATs (Multi Academy Trusts) who have been so generous in offering advice and support. It is through such partnerships that we have been able to develop this school transition service to meet the needs of both primary and secondary schools in different settings.

Accessing SixIntoSeven

Remember that access to SixIntoSeven is now through your school password. This means that all existing accounts have been frozen. Once you have agreed to your terms and conditions, we will recreate all the accounts in the primary and secondary schools and reform existing links.

We will talk to new schools to create lists of staff who will need access to SixIntoSeven

Next Steps

SixIntoSeven is built around the “3Cs” to ensure that each child can experience a personalised transition. A personalised transition is where the knowledge gained over many years in the primary school is transferred to the secondary school in time for early planning.


What pupil information is the primary school willing or able to give? What information does the secondary school want to receive? How can SixIntoSeven complement existing practices?

To answer these questions there needs to be dialogue between schools. You can access a simple PowerPoint to help structure this debate by emailing .


You are now able to work with our onboarding team to set up SixIntoSeven to meet your needs. This is not a complex process, but important. For example, getting the right options for a question can reduce workload in the primary school and then be of increased value in the secondary school.


The good news is that you do not have to worry about this part of the school transition. We have created a GDPR-secure environment and the necessary legal agreements for the safe and secure transfer of data. This has been created in partnership with Derbyshire County Council’s well- regarded Data Protection for Schools organisation. Find out more here.

Contact us for a personalised school transition

Please visit our contact page to find out how we could help your school, local authority or MAT deliver a personalised transition for all pupils.