Year 6 into 7 Transition for Hounslow

News and Updates

1-Click Connect

We have now added 1-Click Connect to speed up the process of a secondary school inviting a primary in your LA or MAT to make a connection for data transfer. All you need is the name of the primary school: no need to enter the head’s name and email. Go to the video page to find out more.

Date Published: 12/05/2022

Upcoming workshops

You can find the times and dates of the upcoming workshops by seeing the "Key Dates and Deadlines" section below.

Date Published: 04/05/2022

Entering pupil data

You can now copy and paste information from your MIS into SixIntoSeven. Find out more at

Date Published:

How SixIntoSeven Works

SixIntoSeven is a web-based system for transferring information about a pupil as they move from a primary to a secondary school.

  1. The primary school uploads the names of their Y6 pupils and, crucially, their Unique Pupil Number (UPN). Information about each pupil is then entered into an online grid.
  2. Each secondary school uploads the names and UPN of the pupils they are expecting in September.
  3. SixIntoSeven makes the match, allowing the secondary school to download the information with no need for any spreadsheets, Google docs etc to move between schools

The information is available to secondary schools as soon as it is uploaded. There is a button to click for each pupil to show that the information is complete.

The earlier the information is uploaded, the more time the secondary school will have download the information and to plan for September. SixintoSeven is fully complaint with GDPR regulations.

Key dates and deadlines

Hounslow data workshops for primary schools:

Please join our SixIntoSeven team as we host an interactive data workshop for Hounslow schools. Your session will include data entry, pupil flags, pupil pdfs and attachments.

Tuesday 17th May @ 4pm – 5pm  Hounslow  Data Workshop 1 for Primary Schools

Wednesday 25th May @ 4pm – 5pm  Hounslow  Data Workshop 2 for Primary Schools

Hounslow data workshops for secondary schools:

Please join our SixIntoSeven team as we host an interactive data workshop for Hounslow schools.  Your session will include data output, pupil flags, pupil pdfs, attachments and our 2-tier permission access or downloading data.

Wednesday 18th May @ 4pm – 5pm  Hounslow  Data Workshop 1 for Secondary Schools

Thursday 26th May @ 4pm – 5pm  Hounslow  Data Workshop 2 for Secondary Schools

How SixIntoSeven has been configured to meet the needs of Hounslow

Every group of schools has their own way of managing transition. The fields to be completed by each pupil have therefore been designed in partnership with the education leads within the Hounslow.

In order to comply with the highest levels of GDPR security, the pupil information is divided into two tiers:

  • Tier One information is for school staff to teach or support Y7 pupils.
  • Tier Two information is for colleagues who oversee safeguarding and SEND concerns

Two key elements of our compliance strategy can be viewed by following these links

  1. Data Protection Impact Assessment
  2. Data Sharing & Processing Agreement

We recommend that each school downloads and completes the Data Protection and Impact Statement to ensure full GDPR compliance.

How to work with schools outside Hounslow

Primary schools usually send their Year 6 pupils to a range of secondary schools. Several of those school in your area will be using the SixIntoSeven platform. You can complete transfer information for those schools directly into the platform in a similar way to the Hounslow schools; you don’t need a separate login.

You can also use SixintoSeven to send your information via a PDF to any schools not using the platform.

Tell us what you think

  • Include contact details if you would like a response.

Help and support

There are two ways of obtaining support.

1. Watch the “How to” videos which cover the important operations needed to make SixIntoSeven a success.

2. Join one of the live workshops. You can access these at any point during the scheduled time. The morning sessions are primarily aimed at heads, pastoral managers and data leads, and the afterschool for teachers.

Read one of our resource blogs which explain changes in greater detail