Pupil Matches

Now that we have come to the end of the school year, you may wish to undertake some “housekeeping’ on your SixIntoSeven account.

SixIntoSeven matches pupils between primary and secondary schools using the Unique Pupil Number (UPN). As primaries and secondaries upload their own separate lists of UPN, there are occasionally mismatches in the information. This could be a spelling error or a mix up on pupil number during the upload stage. SixIntoSeven spots these queries and flags them for you in your Pupils screen.

To help you identify these queries, there is a new report on the Pupils tab called ‘Pupil Matches’. Where a pupil match has been identified (based on the UPN), but there is a difference in the name that the primary school uploaded, and the name that the secondary school uploaded, this will be detailed on this page.

Where a pupil match has been identified (based on the UPN), and a school connection isn’t in place, you will also be able to see details on the Pupil Matches page.

This report will also   

  • show you if there are any differences (such as a UPN match but different name) between the pupils on your list and the primaries’ lists.  
  • show you any pupils on your list that have not matched with a primary school (labelled “Unmatched”). This might be because they are coming from a primary school that isn’t in the borough, or because an in-borough primary school has missed them off their list.  

Find the Pupil Matches report in your Pupils section and click the blue “Pupil Matches” button.