Understanding Professional Judgements

SixIntoSeven supports pupil transition from primary to secondary school using a secure platform to communicate pupil attainment information. Read on to find out more about our professional judgements framework.

The pupil information required in SixIntoSeven is a set of “professional judgements” that the primary school Year 6 teacher will record on a simple dashboard to show how much progress the pupil has been able to make at key stage 2.

The set of judgements was developed by a steering group of primary and secondary school leaders to establish a baseline for pupil attainment at the end of primary school. The judgements are a minimal, but useful, reflection of the information the secondary schools wanted to know, and what primary schools wanted to record.

In future years we plan to expand the list to include modern foreign languages, science, arts subjects and other areas of primary teaching that otherwise goes unreported.

For 2021, our focus is on plugging the gap left by SATs and ensuring that all schools can establish a baseline of consistent information about their pupils at the end of another challenging school year.

Receiving information in this way ahead of the end of the academic year allows secondary schools to plan form groups, sets and prepare for interventions.

Year 6 teachers can use their knowledge of the child to make the judgements, without reliance on formal assessments or written evidence. Primary teachers know their pupils best and can judge whether a child is “Secure” or “Not Secure” in the following criteria:

Speaking & Listening – 4 criteria to include:

  • Vocabulary
  • Engagement in class discussion
  • Building on ideas
  • Feedback

Reading – 5 criteria to include:

  • Reading ability
  • Understanding new words
  • Inference
  • Summarising
  • Reading independently

Writing – 6 criteria to include:

  • Extended writing
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Organising writing
  • Meaning
  • Handwriting

Maths – 8 criteria to include:

  • Multiplication up to 12×12
  • Division facts
  • Number bonds
  • Mental calculation
  • Place values
  • Written methods of adding and subtracting
  • Written methods of multiplying
  • Written methods of dividing

Participating schools will have access to the full list of judgements to work from, ensuring consistency from all schools in the group. Register your interest now to use SixIntoSeven when we launch on 22nd March.

Primary teachers will make the judgements on our simple dashboard, and can choose to work by pupil, completing all judgements at once, or by topic, complete all Writing judgements together, for example.

Secondary heads will receive the information for all incoming Year 7 pupils together on their dashboard and can download a .CSV document to use the data for planning.

We are grateful to the school leaders and teachers in the steering group from Greenwich Borough Schools, Red Kite Learning Trust and ASCL Primary and Policy experts for developing these judgements.