Preparing to Use SixIntoSeven

While we are putting the finishing touches to SixIntoSeven, here’s what you and your primary/secondary colleagues can do to prepare to input and share your pupil information:

A positive Year 6 into Year 7 transition is vital in ensuring a smooth learning journey from Year 6 into their chosen secondary school, helping to close the disadvantage gap, and supporting Year 7 teachers to create a curriculum more tailored to the needs of the cohort. With “normal” still a long way off, we must work together to ensure this year’s cohort have the best opportunities possible.

1. List pupil names and UPN

The SixIntoSeven professional judgement dashboard will require the names and Unique Pupil Numbers (where available) of each pupil, which both primary and secondary schools will input on their respective dashboards. Primary schools will only need to do this once for all of their pupils as the system will match records with their destination secondary schools. Similarly, secondary schools will input all of their expected intake once and the system will source and match data from all participating primary feeder schools.

2. Consider professional judgements

The professional judgement activity will take place on a simple dashboard similar to those you might be familiar with if you already use SIMs or the askEddi platform. We have worked with Year 6 and Year 7 teachers on a straightforward list of the necessary skills in English and Mathematics required for this stage of learning. We will share this guidance with primary schools as soon as possible so that primary teachers can begin considering their judgements on each pupil ready to input as soon as the dashboard goes live.

3. Flag specific areas for discussion

The dashboard will also allow primary schools to flag any pupils who will need extra care or attention; whether that is a talent for art or music, or a known behavioural issue. These flags will act as an invitation for secondary schools to get in touch to discuss the best course of action.

Why not let your primary feeder schools know about the project now and ask them to sign up for updates about the project?