New features for SixIntoSeven for 2022

The scope of SixIntoSeven has been broadened, to include pastoral and languages information, combined with greater levels of flexibility so that MATs, alliances, local authorities, and individual school clusters can configure SixIntoSeven to meet their local needs.

PDFs can now be uploaded and transferred to the secondary schools and there is two-tier access to ensure that confidential information is only see by those who need to know.


Diagnostic Statements

Y7 teachers value SixIntoSeven’s diagnostic statements. The primary school compiles these throughout Y6 so the secondary school can help identify and then group pupils with similar needs from different schools.

Delivering Pastoral Information

There is a standard package of pastoral information which includes attendance and punctuality, behaviour and learning, personal details, and family background. There are brief sections on SEND and safeguarding – intended to provide timely personalised transition, rather than to replicate existing protocols.

You can configure these fields to meet your individual needs.

Languages Transition

The introduction of languages is a way of uniting primary and secondary schools to drive up the popularity of languages.

Information about the great language work completed in primary schools is not always available to the Y7 teachers.

Using SixIntoSeven, the Y7 teachers will know which language each pupil was taught and can then ensure that learning is pitched to ensure continuity with primary school progress.

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Communicating with non-SixIntoSeven secondary schools

SixIntoSeven is a one-stop-shop for transition. When a primary school sends pupils to a non-SixIntoSeven school, they can create a full PDF report of the uploaded information. This can be emailed to the destination secondary school. We do recommend some caution as transferring by email or post does not come with all the robust GDPR and legal safeguards which the SixIntoSeven platform transfer offers.

Configuring SixIntoSeven to meet local needs

It’s now very easy to configure SixIntoSeven to meet the needs of your school, MAT or local authority. Getting to understand your needs and creating a workable solution is part of the onboarding process.
Please contact our team for further information.

Increasing efficiency

We know that time is the most precious resource within schools. The evolving design of SixIntoSeven reflects this understanding with significant improvements proven to reduce workload. Use the contact form for a demonstration to show how

Logging into SixIntoSeven

In response to the “forgotten password” problem, users now access SixIntoSeven using their school Microsoft or Google account. We know many schools will appreciate this new functionality as it is a simple change with a big administrative savings

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