The Future of Transition

SixIntoSeven is the year 6 to year 7 transition portal for schools to help support pupils with teacher-led attainment data in lieu of SATs in 2021. More than 750 schools are using the platform to securely transfer a set of simple ‘professional judgements’ between primary and secondary in English and maths.

In 2021 we are delighted to be working with six regions in England to support primary to secondary transition for all schools. Groups in East Sussex, Greenwich and Tameside are all using the portal to collect a consistent set of attainment data from primaries to help secondaries to prepare for when pupils join them in September.

Further MAT groups in Nottingham, Derbyshire and Cornwall are using the system for all of their schools and we have two pilot boroughs who have taken the process one step further.

Our pilot groups in Barking & Dagenham and Hounslow have worked with our team to create an extension to the portal which includes additional pupil data on SEND, wellbeing and behaviour. Securely covered by data sharing and participation agreements, primaries and secondaries can communicate information in one place, removing the need for spreadsheets and forms. Working in this way is drastically reducing administration and paperwork, and ensuring that sensitive pupil information is only seen by staff members with relevant permissions.

Looking forward, our plans for the portal include parent and pupil engagement, more data points, full reporting and analysis for groups and the confidence that all the hard work completed by primary and secondary schools during transition can be captured for the benefit of the pupil.

We are already in talks with many more groups, local authorities, and school improvement services to offer this extended portal for next year.

A further pilot scheme, run in conjunction with ASCL and the Primary Languages Network is using SixIntoSeven to communicate modern foreign languages attainment in ten key areas. You can read more about the MFL pilot here.

The move from primary to secondary can be challenging, especially for vulnerable pupils, so we are doing everything we can to support a positive transition and a smooth continuation of the learning journey. Secondary picking up where primary left off is key to ensuring that able pupils don’t have to tread water, and the pupils who need help can be supported effectively.

If your school, MAT or LA is considering ways to improve school transition to support as many pupils as possible, get in touch with us at – we’d love to tell you more!