Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

SixIntoSeven 2021

When can our school use SixIntoSeven?

SixIntoSeven 2021 launched on 22nd March. Secondary schools can register to start connecting with their feeder primaries here.

Where can I find out more?

Visit our About page to find news and resources, or you can contact us here

Suggested time frames

There are no system deadlines and schools should set their own timescales, but we suggest the following: March/April – Secondaries register and invite primaries. May – Primaries make the judgements. June/July – Secondaries download and use for planning.

My school is part of a borough-wide project

In 2021 we are excited to be working with a number of local authorities, boroughs and MATs to deliver SixIntoSeven to all of their schools. If you are part of one of these groups and you have a general enquiry about taking part, please contact the person from your borough or MAT in the first instance or email for product support.


How much does it cost to join SixIntoSeven?

pricing per school and group  is provided with a quote during our onboarding process.

My school is part of a group or MAT

SixIntoSeven works best when many schools in an area or region take part. We would love to help your group to use SixintoSeven in 2021. Feel free to contact us to discuss our additional support for groups of schools and how to pay for more than one school.

How has SixIntoSeven been funded?

The Open Data Project for Schools is grateful to the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) and their Educational Development Fund for supporting the development of SixIntoSeven during the Covid-19 crisis.

Payment and Invoices

There are two ways to pay for SixIntoSeven: credit card or Bacs. Both options are available to complete on the portal when you register for the first time. If you wish to pay by Bacs and submit a PO for your invoice, please choose the relevant option on the in-portal payment screen, or click here to complete our request form.

Further Information

What is SixIntoSeven?

SixIntoSeven is a simple tool for primary and secondary schools which supports the transition of pupils from Year 6 to Year 7 on a professional judgement dashboard which will be shared between schools. Read more.

Who is it for?

All primary and secondary schools in England. The secondary schools sign up and manage the process: the primary schools make the professional judgements and input the data. SixIntoSeven ensures that secondary schools can easily decide which pupils need additional support and which elements of the curriculum have not been covered by each pupil. Primary schools can also be confident that their knowledge and understanding of their Year 6 cohort will be used by the Year 7 teachers.

How does it work?

Primary schools use simple data input to record professional judgements on Year 6 pupil progress. SixIntoSeven securely transfers pupil information to the destination secondary school where it can be used to make both strategic and class level decisions to deliver the most appropriate learning. Read more.

Who manages SixIntoSeven?

SixIntoSeven has been built by Eduboard (t/a askEddi), an education technology company specialising in secure data management products for schools. Our company number is 10570208. VAT Number: 314924019. Registered office: 30 Crosby Road North, Liverpool, L22 4QF

GDPR & Safe Transfer of Data

SixIntoSeven has been built to comply with GDPR from the start – we have worked with a specialist legal team to achieve this. All schools accept a Data Processing & Sharing Agreement to use the portal, and a participation agreement must be accepted between every connected primary and secondary. Schools are required to accept the agreements on first registering their school on the portal. Review the agreements here:

If your school used SixIntoSeven in 2020

Returning schools

If your school took part in SixIntoSeven 2020 we are very pleased to have you back! You will find our system this year is even more simple to understand and use. Your log in details will still work this year but you will need to accept our updated data sharing and platform agreements before you can access your dashboard.

Existing school connections

If your school took part in SixIntoSeven 2020 your connections with primary or secondary schools in your network will still exist in the system. Schools that you connected with in 2020 but who haven’t yet returned to the system in 2021 may need you to let them know you are using SixIntoSeven again. We recommend you email or telephone the head teacher to remind them.

Outstanding school connections

Any schools that you invited to connect last year but did not accept and/or share their pupil details have been removed from our system for GDPR compliance. Please reconnect with these schools using the “School Connections” menu.

What information is shared?

Pupil information in SixIntoSeven

SixIntoSeven is a secure portal for schools to share pupil attainment information. The data shared is restricted to the pupil UPN and the professional judgements that the primary schools make.

Can we customise SixIntoSeven?

The pupil fields in SixIntoSeven are standardised to ensure consistency between schools. We have an extension to the system in pilot with two London boroughs this year to include additional transition fields and data, and we hope to make that available to all schools as a customisable “transition portal” next year.

What do secondaries receive?

Secondary schools have a dashboard which populates with the pupil professional judgements once the primary school publishes them. This dashboard can be downloaded as a CSV and uploaded into the secondary school MIS if required. Please note that you may need to create custom fields in your MIS to match should you wish you to do this.

Spreading the word

How do I involve schools in our network?

Once registered, secondary schools can use the SixintoSeven portal to connect with schools in their network. The portal will send an invitation to feeder primaries to let them know that your school is taking part. We recommend you speak with your feeder primaries first to explain the process – our resources can help with this conversation.

What if schools in our network are reluctant to take part?

SixIntoSeven is free for primary schools to use and helps ensure that pupil progress is communicated to secondary schools. It is a fast, secure process that avoids duplication and plugs the gap left by the cancellation of SATs. Why not use our resources to help spread the word?

Register for SixIntoSeven

Register your interest in SixIntoSeven 2021 using your official school email address.  Please check your junk folder if you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Thanks for signing up! Please add to your safe senders list.