Adding pupil data from the school MIS

It is now possible to paste information into SixIntoSeven to reduce workload. This facility can be accessed from the Add Data tab (One) and then by selecting “download / upload csv” (Two)

It is important to remember however, that SixIntoSeven will only accept data which is in the format shown for each category on the online grid.

For example, the date must be in DD/MM/YYYY format and pupil premium must be either “YES” or “NO”. The system is case sensitive so “No” is not acceptable. We strongly advise that you check the acceptable responses from the online grid before you complete the spreadsheet. (Three)

When the CSV file has been opened, you can paste information you have downloaded from your school’s management information system.

Once the data has been added, and the file saved as a CSV, you can upload your data (Five). SixIntoSeven will always ensure that it is compatible with the standard data entry

You can then upload the data (Five)

In this example, non-standard data as been added. You will need to go back to the CSV, change the data, before saving and re-uploading

You can find out more about how the system works be visiting our How to video page