We have became an ASCL Premier Partner

The ASCL logo with text stating SixIntoSeven is Endorsed by the Association of School and College Leaders

Following years of working closely together, we have became an ASCL Premier Partner Indeed, the whole notion of SixIntoSeven came from collaboration right at the start of the pandemic when there was a need find an alternative for SATs. ASCL’s support was crucial in SixIntoSeven’s rapid creation and deployment.

Fortunately, we have moved on from those challenging times. Schools are slowly returning to normality and SixIntoSeven has grown to become much more than an alternative to SATs. We help schools, sometimes across whole local authorities or MAT groups, transfer pastoral information and diagnostic statements which complement the SATs process.

What has not changed is the relationship between SixIntoSeven and ASCL. It provides the conduit for us to ascertain the needs of schools and to constantly refine our early versions. We can tap into the expertise of the ASCL professionals. This was shown with the support given to develop the languages section.

We are therefore delighted that in return, we can offer ASCL members a discount.

It is therefore not surprising that we have became an ASCL Premier Partner and are proud to display the words endorsed by ASCL on our literature.
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