Schools across the UK are taking part in SixIntoSeven

Since we launched last month, close to 200 secondaries have now signed up for SixIntoSeven along with their feeder primary schools. Thanks to schools like yours, over 30,000 new year 7 pupils will now have vital attainment information shared ahead of the new school year, in the absence of SATs.

If you haven’t already, you can join now.

Seven local authorities have now committed to rolling the portal out authority-wide, which means all of their primary and secondary schools will be inputting and receiving pupil attainment information in a consistent way across the region. Participating primaries and secondaries work together to ensure their pupils’ needs are met, ensuring that the progress primaries have made with their pupils in this challenging year can be securely transmitted to the relevant secondary school.

Next month we are also excited to be rolling out our SixIntoSeven Plus extended portal to three pilot groups. These range from a single secondary school with 20 feeder primaries and an entire London borough with 25 secondary schools and 50 primaries. Working closely with these pilot groups we are developing a custom system to include transition information including pastoral and wellbeing fields. These are input by the primaries in customisable forms and grids, all in one go for all of their pupils in the same format, and securely matched with the destination secondaries who can download the information in a spreadsheet or PDF to identify pupil needs in advance of the new term. We will share more news about this part of the project in our next update.

We are continuing to work with ASCL to explore how we can support other transition stages and improve dialogue between schools, as well as cross promotion with More Than a Score and Team Transition.

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askEddi & the SixIntoSeven team