Supporting a personalised transition for all pupils

SixIntoSeven promotes collaboration as pupils move from Year 6 to Year 7. By sharing transition data and information requests in a consistent format, which is compliant with GDPR and data protection standards, all pupils will experience a personalised transition.

“The conversation between primary and secondary is crucial in helping children get the best start in Year 7.”

John Camp

Trust Leader, The Compass Partnership of Schools

Y7 pupils in lessons


Sending pupils onto the next school is always a bitter-sweet moment. With SixIntoSeven there is a seamless transition of information which helps Year 6 to say goodbye with fond memories, and Year 7 to welcome their new cohort with resourcing already in place. Academic and pastoral needs can be met from day 1 thanks to the wealth of shared knowledge.

“When I arrived at secondary school, I was nervous but my new form teacher knew lots about me and that made it so much easier to settle in.”


How many feeder primary schools do you receive Year 7 pupils from? Getting consistent information can cause a headache of paperwork and endless communications. SixIntoSeven breaks down the common barriers to give consistent information from every Year 6 teacher to make transition smooth and informative. Every data point is purposeful and gives schools ownership over what is shared, and with whom.

“Knowing that all of my teachers receive personalised information for every child, even across county borders, makes the Year 7 intake so much easier than in previous years as we are able to plan and resource for every need in advance.”


SixIntoSeven works to the highest standards for transferring data, following the advice of Derbyshire County Council’s well regarded Data Protection for Schools organisation. We have gained the Cyber Essentials mark from the UK government’s National Cyber Security Centre. We know how precious all of your pupil data is and we have kept that in mind from the very first inception of SixIntoSeven.

“As a SENDCo I am always looking for ways to ensure a smooth transition without the worries associated with transferring sensitive pupil data. Flagging children who may need extra support is simple and safe with SixIntoSeven.”

How it works

Collaborative agreements are made

Groups of schools, Local Authorities or MATs agree which areas of information they would like to share.

GDPR compliant gathering of data

Primary schools add information to the simple, and safe, platform which we designed with ease-of-use in mind.

Secondary schools receive consistent data

Year 7 form teachers, form tutors and SENDCos receive a profile for each child, enabling early planning and resourcing for the new cohort

Children enjoy a successful, smooth transition

Each child’s academic and pastoral needs can be met from day 1 of secondary school, which leads to future success.

Latest News

Adding pupil data from the school MIS

It is now possible to paste information into SixIntoSeven to reduce workload. This facility can be accessed from the Add Data tab (One) and then by selecting “download / upload csv” (Two) It is important to remember however, that SixIntoSeven will only accept data...

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Lewisham – Logging on with LGFL email addresses

Lewisham – Logging on with LGFL email addresses

Last week, it was reported to us that some users within Lewisham could not access SixIntoSeven using their London Grid for Learning (LGFL) email addresses. Thanks to good collaboration with the staff at LGFL and the patience of the primary and secondary schools, we...

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Cyber Essential Certificate

Cyber Essential Certificate

We are delighted that once again we have been awarded the Cyber Essentials Certificate from National Cyber Security Centre. The security of data is our number one priority in order to keep you and your pupils safe. You can find out more about our full data policy here.

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Benefits of using SixIntoSeven

Teachers and school leaders


Primary teachers can share the wealth of knowledge they have built up on each child, and secondary teachers can plan accordingly in advance


Primary schools are confident that pupils will have a smooth and successful transition with their needs met


Secondary schools have all the information to plan for academic success from day 1 of welcoming a new cohort


SixIntoSeven has been designed to require low input but give you high value output - we do all the hard work, so you don’t have to!

SENDCos and DSLs


Pastoral needs are known before a child arrives at secondary school which helps all pupils, but especially those most vulnerable


Resourcing for additional needs can start early to create a personalised transition for every child and every situation


SENDCos and DSLs can add a flag to children who have more complex needs or situations, leading to a phone call or meeting prior to transition


Diagnostic statements, from academic to pastoral, give a rounded profile of each child, from the tiny details to the bigger picture

Executive HTs, MAT leads, LA teams


Early intervention and extra transition activity can be planned for those with the most need


MAT and LA teams can be assured of information which is consistent between all schools which makes oversight of transition straightforward


Last minute changes are easy to add right up until the last day of term in Year 6, as required


GDPR compliance is of the utmost importance and is at the heart of the design of SixIntoSeven. Read more in our transparency statement

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Our GDPR compliance gives you peace of mind every step of the way

Behaviour and strategies

SEND and safeguarding

Attendance and punctuality

Wellbeing and pastoral

Family information

Personal information

Mathematics and English

You choose what to share

Case Studies

The conversation between primary and secondary is crucial in helping children get the best start in Year 7.

Secondary teaching that picks up from where primary left off instils confidence. SixIntoSeven can be an important part of this conversation.

John Camp
Trust Leader, The Compass Partnership of Schools

This year we don’t have the KS2 information that we normally rely on so SixIntoSeven is a real safety net for us. It means we won’t have to start what’s already been a very difficult year for new Year 7 pupils testing them because we already have really useful information on their progress.

Carolyn Roberts
Head Teacher, Thomas Tallis School, Greenwich

“We would like to thank ASCL’s leaders and members for their visionary and practical support in crafting SixIntoSeven to meet the rigorous demands of today’s primary and secondary schools.”

Brendan Nel
Brendan Nel, Managing Director, SixIntoSeven

SixIntoseven does all of the heavy lifting by matching and organising the data, so schools will be able to focus on providing pupils with the best introduction to secondary school at the start of the new term.

Duncan Baldwin
Head Teacher, Castle Rock School

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