Supporting a personalised transition for all pupils

SixIntoSeven is web-based system which promotes further collaboration  as pupils move from Year 6 to Year 7. This is achieved by sharing pastoral and academic information in a consistent format which is compliant with GDPR and cyber security standards. All pupils will experience a personalised transition, as the knowledge gained by the primary school over many years is transferred well before the pupil arrives, so it can be value on day one of the new school year.



Sending pupils onto the next school is always a bitter-sweet moment. Usually they are ready for a change, and they go with our best wishes, but do they always go with our deep understanding that has been built up over many years? SixIntoSeven enables a full picture to be drawn and transferred to create a personalised transition for all.


How many destination secondary schools welcome your Year 6 pupils? How many feeders are there in your family of schools? Every school has its own procedures for transferring information. SixIntoSeven provides a one-stop-shop with a common way of working, combined with the ability to configure for individual needs.


SixIntoSeven works to the highest standards for transferring data, following the advice of Derbyshire County Council’s well regarded Data Protection for Schools organisation. We have gained the Cyber Essentials mark from the UK government’s National Cyber Security Centre

How it works

SixIntoSeven can work for any family schools including MATs, alliances, local authorities and individual clusters around a secondary school. You liaise with our team to decide what type of information is to be transferred, selecting from personal details, pastoral needs and diagnostic statements covering maths, English and languages and agree your timescales.

The primary schools add the information onto an online grid, comprising dropdown and yes/no boxes for speed, and text boxes when an in-depth description is needed. We usually suggest that these are completed in June to give the secondary school time to download and act on the received information for implementation on day one in September.

Key Features

Primary Schools


Understanding that our knowledge of working with pupils over many years goes through SixIntoSeven to their next school


We like the way the diagnostic statements reflect what a pupil has achieved over the whole year.


Information is easy to input and securely transferred to meet our data protection needs.

Secondary Schools


The subject leaders and teachers can set and plan schemes ready for the start of the year and then challenge or support as necessary.


The pastoral staff can base their interventions on the experiences of their primary colleagues.


There is advanced notice of pupils with safeguarding and/or SEND concerns to plan accordingly.

MATs, School Improvement Services, Alliance Groups and Local Authorities


SixIntoSeven reduces administrative time as the system does the matching between schools and not our support staff.


If we need to make a change during the transition process, there is one change on SixIntoSeven and not on many spreadsheets.


Our GDPR compliance needs are met and is a cost and time saving for all schools concerned.

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About SixIntoSeven

SixIntoSeven was created in the early spring of 2020 as means of transferring information on language attainment between primary and secondary schools.

Immediately following the announcement that SATs were to be cancelled, we were commissioned by ASCL for its members to focus on maths and English attainment. SixIntoSeven went live in May 2020.

A refresh for 2021 enabled local authorities to use SixIntoSeven as the default way of transferring transition information across their boroughs. This now included a pastoral section and registered over 30,000 pupil transfers.

The 2022 version now incorporates modern foreign languages and much higher levels of configurability as clients want to adapt the system to meet local needs and deliver a personalised transition.

SixIntoSeven is even better placed to deliver its original mission of enabling one professional to speak to another for the benefit of the child and giving pupils the best possible start to their secondary learning journey.

Case Studies

The conversation between primary and secondary is crucial in helping children get the best start in Year 7.

Secondary teaching that picks up from where primary left off instils confidence. SixIntoSeven can be an important part of this conversation.

John Camp
Trust Leader, The Compass Partnership of Schools

This year we don’t have the KS2 information that we normally rely on so SixIntoSeven is a real safety net for us. It means we won’t have to start what’s already been a very difficult year for new Year 7 pupils testing them because we already have really useful information on their progress.

Carolyn Roberts
Head Teacher, Thomas Tallis School, Greenwich

“We would like to thank ASCL’s leaders and members for their visionary and practical support in crafting SixIntoSeven to meet the rigorous demands of today’s primary and secondary schools.”

Brendan Nel
Brendan Nel, Managing Director, SixIntoSeven

SixIntoseven does all of the heavy lifting by matching and organising the data, so schools will be able to focus on providing pupils with the best introduction to secondary school at the start of the new term.

Duncan Baldwin
Head Teacher, Castle Rock School

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